A Beautiful Solution

A father was engrossed in his work while his little daughter constantly distracted him in an attempt for him to make him play with her. To keep her busy, the man tore a page of printed map of the world from a magazine into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together to make the map again. The daughter was very young and he was pretty sure that she would take hours to get it done.

The father was surprised when he saw his little one coming out of the room with a smile and the perfect map within a few minutes. The stunned man asked his daughter how she could solve the puzzle so quickly.

“ Daddy, there is a woman’s face on the other side of the paper, When I made the face perfect, I got the map right.” , replied the young girl.

Moral: There is always the other side to whatever you experience in this world. Whenever we come across a challenge or a puzzling situation, look at the other side.  You will be surprised to see a different approaches to tackle the problem.

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