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The Panchatantra is a collection of ancient Indian animal fables and moral stories. The name Panchatantra comes from the Sanskrit words “Pancha,” meaning “five,” and “tantra,” meaning “principle.”
The exact origin of Panchatantra is much debated, but it is widely believed that these stories may have originated as folklore and passed down orally from one generation to another before being compiled in text around the 3rd century.
The preface of the Panchatantra mentions someone called Vishnu Sharma as the author, but it is not known whether he was a real person or just a fictional literary invention. However, it is believed that the author had created these stories and designed them to teach the principles of statecraft to three young princes.
The Panchatantra consists of five books, each with a different theme. Each book contains a different collection of fables and stories, all with the purpose of teaching moral lessons.
“Mitra-bheda”: The Separation of Friends
“Mitra-labha or Mitra-samprapti”: The Gaining of Friends
“Kakolukiyam”: Of Crows and Owls (War and Peace)”
“Labdhapranasam”: Loss Of Gains ”
“Apariksitakarakam”: Ill-Considered Action/Rash Deeds

The Stories of Panchatantra has been translated into many languages and is one of the most popular works of world literature. The stories are moral fables, with animals acting like human beings. They teach about topics such as friendship, wisdom, and deceit.
The Panchatantra is a timeless work of wisdom that is as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago. These stories are a great way to teach children about important life lessons. They are also an excellent way for adults to entertain and educate themselves.

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