The Power of Silence 

Once a farmer lost his precious watch while working in his barn. It may have appeared as an ordinary watch to others, but held a deep sentimental value for it.

After searching high and low among the hay for a long time, the old farmer got exhausted. The tired farmer did not want to give up the search for his watch and requested a group of children playing outside the barn to help. He promised an attractive reward for the person who can find his beloved watch.

After hearing about the reward, the children hurried inside the barn and went through and round the entire stack of hay to find the watch. After a long time looking for a watch in the hay, some of the children got tired and gave up. The number of children looking for the watch slowly decreased and only few tired children were left. The farmer gave up all his hope to find the watch and called off the search.

Just when the farmer was closing the door, a little boy came up to him and requested the farmer to give him another chance. The farmer did not want to miss any chance of finding the watch so let the little boy in the barn.

After a w little while the little boy came out with the watch in his hand. The farmer was happily surprised and asked how the boy succeeded to get the watch while everyone including him  had failed.

The boy replied “ I just sat there tried listening to the ticking of the watch. In silence, it was much easier to listen to it and direct the search in the direction of the sound.”

The farmer was delighted to get the watch and rewarded the little boy as promised.

Inspirational Story  farmer and his watch

A peaceful mind can think better than a worked up mind. Once in a while allow a few minutes of silence to your mind. Sometimes all you need is to do is relax and listen.