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Two Cats and a Monkey

After a lavish festival in a village, the two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big delicious looking cake and meowed . The other jumped up and picked it.

The first cat said, “It is my the cake because I saw it first”

The other cat said “ It is my cake because I picked it up.”

A monkey was passing by when it overheard the two cats fighting for their share of cake.  The monkey thought to take advantage of the cats fights and approached the two cats.

It came to the cats and said. “Don’t fight my friends. I have two hands and I can easily divide the cake into two pieces. Let me equally share the cake among you both”. The cats agreed and  handed the cake over to the monkey.

The monkey split the cake into two parts. He shook his head and said, “Oh No! One is slightly bigger than the other one. Let me take a bite of the bigger one  so it is as big as the other one ”. He had a big bite of the bigger piece of the cake and said “Oh No! This has become smaller now.”  He ate from the other. And thus, he went on eating from part to part and finally finished the whole cake.  When all the cake was over, the cats were stunned  by the happenings. It was very late when they realized that the monkey was making fools out of them, the entire time.

Moral: When you quarrel and fight, someone else gains.

Quote about Argument and fights


Two Cats and a Monkey 1

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