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A Pound of Butter

Every day, an old lady would travel to a nearby town from her village to trade. One day, a town shopkeeper asked her to sell a pound of rich village butter to him.  As requested, the old women looked for the finest butter she could find in her village. On her next visit to town, she brought the butter to the shopkeeper and sold it to him.

After the women left the shop, the shopkeeper weighed the butter to see if he got what he had paid for. The butter was a few ounces less that a pound.

The angry shopkeeper decided to take the matter to the court. The old lady was questioned for her doings. Perhaps the scale she used for measurement wasn’t accurate.

The old lady claimed to have no instrument for the measurement of the butter. She said- “I have no measuring instrument. I have been buying a pound of loaf of bread from the shopkeeper regularly. I put the loaf of bread on the scale and gave him the same weight in butter.”

The shopkeeper was embarrassed. His dishonesty had revealed. The old lady was pardoned. Instead, the shopkeeper was charged for his fraudulence.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy. What goes around comes around.

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