Motivational Stories with morals

Motivational stories are a great way to inspire and uplift people. Told with a wisdom that is both inspiring and compelling, motivational stories are often full of compelling lessons and powerful messages. Whether it is about reaching for your dreams or embracing change, motivational stories always have something to teach us about the world and ourselves. These motivational stories remind us that we too can rise up to any challenge that comes our way and achieve our dreams. So, here we present you with some short motivational stories with morals with the perfect dose of encouragement and drive.

So whether you find yourself struggling with an important goal or facing an unexpected challenge, keep the lessons from these stories. After all, these tales never fail to remind us that we’ve got what it takes to succeed – as long as we believe in ourselves and keep moving forward

Enjoy this collection of motivational stories with morals.

The person holding you back

One morning when the employees of a company arrived at work, they received a message, “The person blocking you from succeeding in the company has passed away. Please gather for funeral service in the assembly room.”

While there was some grief among the employees at the unexpected news of the death of their colleague, they were curious to know who was stopping them from succeeding. Most of them were now intrigued at the prospect of moving up and succeeding in the company.

Many employees were astonished to find all their colleagues still present and very much alive when they entered the assembly room. “If it wasn’t him or her, then who? Who was holding us back from succeeding? Who has passed away?” they all thought.

The employees approached the coffin one by one, and each was astonished when they saw what was inside. They couldn’t make sense of what they were witnessing.

There was only a mirror in the coffin. So, when each employee looked in to see who was “holding them back from success,” they saw themselves. There was a sign next to the mirror that read:

You are the only person who can limit your growth. You are the only person who is capable of creating your success. It is not the circumstance and people that change your life; It is the way you face the different circumstances and people in life that makes the difference. When you overcome your limiting beliefs and realize you are in control of your life, your life changes. You now know who has been preventing you from reaching your full potential. Will you continue to let that person hold you back?


In the spring soil, there lay two seeds side by side. The first seed declared, “I wish to grow!. I want to dig deep into the earth below me and stretch my sprouts through the earth’s crust above me. I want to let down my delicate buds like flags to declare the approach of spring… I want to bask in the warmth of the sun and shine in the morning dew on my petals!” So she grew into a magnificent tree.

The second seed whispered, “I’m terrified. I don’t know what lurks in the dark underworld if I embed my roots into the ground below. I risk breaking my fragile buds if I force my way through the hard soil above me. And what if I allow my buds to blossom and an insect tries to eat them? And if I were to open my blooms, a child may pull me from the ground. No, it is much safer for me to wait until it is absolutely safe.”

So, she waited, and then one day a yard hen searching for food in the early spring mud discovered the dormant seed and ate it.

Moral: Do not be afraid of taking risks.

Walking on Water

A young man lived on a farm with his family. The family had a fantastic dog that would go down to the pond for hours every day in the spring and summer and practice retrieving various objects.

The boy wanted to prepare the dog for the duck season and prepared for the various scenario that may come up. He wanted his dog to be the greatest hunting dog in the county, so he planned. So, the boy and the dog trained vigorously every day for months. 

As fall and winter arrived and duck season rolled in, the youngster and his dog were eager to return to their usual place near their home at the pond. Shortly after they reached the pond, they were able to strike a duck that fell right in the middle of the pond. 

The boy signaled to retrieve the hunt, and the dog charged toward the duck. However, instead of swimming in the water as it had practiced, the dog walked on water’s surface and retrieved the duck before returning to the youngster.

The boy was flabbergasted. His dog’s extraordinary ability to walk on water was like magic. However, the boy knew that no one would believe what he had just seen, so he needed someone else to come down and see it for themselves.

The youngster went to a local farmer’s property and inquired if he would hunt with him the next day. The neighbor agreed, and they met up with one another the following morning at his usual spot by the pond.

The boy and his friend waited for a flock of ducks to fly overhead, and, as soon as they heard them approaching, the boy advised the neighbor to go ahead and take a shot. The neighbor was able to strike a duck. The boy signaled the dog to fetch the duck. Once again, the dog miraculously walked on water and retrieved the duck.  

The boy could hardly contain his joy and asked the neighbor,” Did you see that? Wasn’t that amazing? What do you think ?”

The neighbor took a deep breath and responded,” “I didn’t want to mention it, but your dog has no idea how to swim.” 

The kid was in disbelief as his neighbor pointed at a possible fault of the dog rather than recognizing that what he’d just done was a miracle.


People can be hesitant to credit others for their talents or achievements because they don’t feel they can not accomplish and reach similar heights of success. Don’t be discouraged by this. Simply move on and keep working on developing yourself. Being successful entails keeping a good attitude.

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